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Stout lands in Waitrose stores across the UK

We're thrilled to make Small Beer Stout available to Waitrose customers for this first time this summer, while increasing availability for our core beers across more UK supermarkets.

Since 2020, we've been working with Waitrose to bring mid-strength beer to the masses. In October 2023, we first introduced our Big Thinkers to Small Beer Stout, a delicious dark beer, crafted at 2.5% ABV. Your love for this beer has been so strong that Waitrose has exclusively launched Small Beer Stout in 350ml bottles across 200 stores this summer.

Don't worry: you can continue to buy cans of Small Beer Stout from our website, but now you have option to buy it in slightly larger bottles from your local Waitrose store and online here.

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We'd like to thank Jourdan Gabbini, Beer & Cider Buyer at Waitrose, for the kind words he had to say about us to the press: "We believe Small Beer is at the forefront of the movement producing beers of outstanding quality, but at half the typical ABV; giving our customers the best of both!"

The good news continues as Waitrose has doubled-up down on the growing demand for mid-strength beer, by increasing its distribution of Small Beer Lager from 160 stores to over 200 stores in the UK.

Waitrose has also introduced Small Beer Pale in a new six-pack format that you can buy online, as well as in stores. Our ever-popular pale ale has been carried on Waitrose shelves as a single unit since 2019, but the introduction of a fridge pack format makes it easier for Big Thinkers to stock up on Small Beer as part of their regular shop.

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