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Great start, keep adding to build your subscription.

Simply my favourite beers. Excellent customer service. The subscribe and save works very well. I had a few flat beers and they were replaced with a completely new case. Just had a free gift to try out their new beers. Terrific company. I would give them 10 stars if I could!"
Trevor Griffiths

Superb beers at lower ABVs, but still packed with body and flavour. I was so thrilled to discover Small Beer Brew Co and exactly what I had been looking for for a long time: a tasty, proper range of small beers brewed with no compromises that one can enjoy in the evening while doing some work but without the slow down. A game-changer. Also delighted that the company is so environmentally friendly.
Thomas Smith

At last! I've finally found beers that are genuinely delicious AND lower in alcohol. I've tried pretty much every other low ABV and session ale out there but Small Beer finally nails it. I've always felt that beers which have taken the alcohol out after brewing are lacking something but these are definitely hitting the spot. You can really taste the flavour difference in the lagers in particular - try a few and be pleasantly surprised at not being hungover the next day!
James Richardson

Reviews from Google, taken August 2021

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