Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something you want to know about Small Beer or our delivery service? On this page, you will find the answers to the questions we are asked most frequently.

If you can't find an answer to the question that's on your mind, please contact us and a member of the Small Beer team will get back to you. We have also collated a list of helpful resources below:


What are your Christmas delivery times?

We're dispatching orders until Friday 22nd December 2023, but we can't promise that any orders placed after 2pm on Tuesday 19th December will arrive before Christmas. Please note that Small Beer is closed between Saturday 23rd December and Tuesday 2nd January, so we are unable to fulfill any orders during this time.

How long does delivery take?

We offer three-day delivery on all our products to customers in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. It's likely that your delivery may arrive much quicker than this. In fact, 98% of UK orders placed before 2pm are delivered the next working day.

Which courier do you use?

We use Packfleet for deliveries within the M25 and APC for deliveries outside of this area.

Where is my order?

If you placed an order more than three days ago but it hasn't arrived, please contact us directly and quote your order number

What happens if my beers arrive damaged?

It's unfortunate that sometimes our products are damaged or broken during transit - particularly when there is glass and liquid involved. If this has happened to you, please contact us directly and quote your order number.

Do you deliver Small Beer to Europe?

Sorry, but we are unable to deliver any orders from the Small Beer webshop outside of the UK.  

Do you deliver Small Beer to the US?

We don't deliver Small Beer to the US or North America, but we are working with Remarkable Liquids, a craft distribution and importing company, to make it possible to buy Small Beer in New York and New Jersey.

If you live in either of these states, or plan to visit soon, here's how to find a Small Beer stockist:

  1. Visit the 'Brand Finder' page on the Remarkable Liquids website here.
  2. Select 'Small Beer Brewery' under the list of suppliers.
  3. Enter your zip code and hit the 'Search' button


Is Small Beer available on draught?

We love drinking Small Beer on draught. Check out our list of stockists and use the map tool to see which pubs near you are currently pouring pints of Small Beer.

Can I buy Small Beer in my local supermarket or bottle shop?

Small Beer is available to buy in branches of Waitrose and Majestic across the UK. You can buy our entire range of beers from our official website or order online from Ocado or Amazon. Our list of stockists also includes an up-to-date list of retail outlets in the UK that stock Small Beer.

Can I visit the Small Beer brewery?

You can enjoy a pint of Small Beer in our brewery taproom in South Bermondsey from Wednesday to Sunday. If you're also interested in how we brew our beer, you can book a brewery tour from £15 per person.


Is Small Beer vegan?

Yes, all of our beers are suitable for vegans and we can't see that changing. We don't use lactose, finings or any other ingredients that are derived from animal-based sources in our beers. We only use natural brewing ingredients.

Is Small Beer gluten free?

Our cans of Small Beer IPA are gluten free, as the beer contains less than 20 ppm (parts per million) gluten. The other beers in our range do not contain less than 20 ppm gluten, so they cannot be classified as gluten free and are not recommended for coeliacs.

If you are looking to reduce gluten, our Small Beer Lager contains less than 100 ppm gluten, which means it can be categorised as a low gluten beer. To understand more about whether this may be suitable for you, we recommend reading our article on the amount of gluten in beer.

How much alcohol is in Small Beer?

All of our beers are brewed below 2.8% ABV, which means that for every 100ml of liquid in a bottle or can of Small Beer, there is less than 2.8ml of alcohol. This is much less alcohol than is contained in most beers, which are typically brewed around 4.5% ABV or higher.

You can read our guide on units of alcohol to better understand how Small Beer stacks up, but if you want the quick stats, all of bottles and cans contain less than a single unit of pure alcohol.

How many calories are in Small Beer?

The whole Small Beer range is low in calories and due to the way they are brewed, our beers naturally contain fewer carbs and sugars compared to most other beers. As an example, Small Beer Lager contains just 77 calories in a bottle or 125 calories in a pint, which is drastically lower than most beers. Read our guide on beer calories to understand more around this topic.


Where is Small Beer brewed?

Small Beer is brewed entirely in our brewery in South Bermondsey, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint and boost our sustainability credentials. The recipes were developed by our co-founder Felix and our beers are now primarily brewed by our head brewer Ben.

How is Small Beer brewed?

Our brewery in South Bermondsey is home to a bespoke brewing kit, which was built exclusively to produce lower alcohol beer up to 2.8% ABV. We only use natural brewing ingredients in our beers. As well as malted barley, hops yeast and water, you won't find anything in our beers other than oats, rye and wheat.

Without giving too many secrets away, our beers are conditioned - or 'lagered' for a minimum of six weeks - which is when they develop their undeniably clean yet pronounced flavour profiles. If you are interested in learning more about our brewing process, you can book yourself onto a brewery tour in Bermondsey.

Do you reduce the alcohol in your beers?

Our bespoke brewing kit allows us to brew our beer to strength, which means that we don't do anything to remove or lower the alcohol content that occurs during fermentation. Unlike other breweries, we don’t dilute or dealcoholise our beers, simply because we never compromise on flavour.

How sustainable is Small Beer?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we were so immensely proud to become the first London brewery to gain B Corp certification. All the electricity in our brewery comes from the wind, sun and sea. We have also managed to save over 6.5 million litres of water due to our innovative dry floor policy. You can read more about what makes our brewing process so eco friendly on our dedicated sustainability page.