5L Mini Beer Kegs

Enjoy the draught beer experience at home with our 5L mini beer kegs that we fill to order at the Small Beer brewery. Each mini keg contains around 9 pints of delicious brewery-fresh beer. Choose from three different styles of craft ale below.

Enjoy draught beer at home

The beer in your mini keg will stay fresh for up to one month after delivery, so long as you keep it at a relatively low temperature. Once you have opened your keg, you should drink the beer within two to three days. 

It's easy to open your mini keg and you certainly don't need any special equipment. Read our handy guide on how to use your mini keg and you'll be pouring pints of draught beer at home in no time.

Once your mini keg is completely empty, you can recycle it at home with the rest of your cans.