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    Small Beer is big in taste and refreshingly lower in alcohol.

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Our lower alcohol beers

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    “Really quite special! Every one of your small beers is packed with thoughtfully balanced taste.”

    Hannah, Rochester

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    "Finally a lower alcohol beer that tastes like beer brewed by craft brewers."

    David, Chorley

  • 5

    “I have tried so many low alcohol beers, but to me, this is the best.”

    Graham, South France

  • 0

    "Hit a brewing bullseye"

    - The Guardian

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    “Drinking it is practically an ethical duty”

    - Evening Standard

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    "Small Beer is a revelation in the low-alcohol stakes”

    - Men’s Health Magazine

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    “I have finally found a low alcohol beer that I love!”

    - Financial Times

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    “They put sustainability at the forefront of their business”

    - Forbes