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Kolsch is Here for Summer Sipping

Small Beer Kolsch, the fourth edition in our Small Batch series, is now available exclusively on our website.

This is the ultimate summer refresher: a lager-style beer born in the German city of Cologne.

Small Beer Kolsch pours bright pale with an elegant floral aroma. The taste is crisp and clean, with a touch of fruit on the finish.

As part of our Small Batch series - following Witbier, Radler and Stout - it's a limited edition beer, so don't expect it to hang around for too long.
Additionally, our Kolsch is gluten-free (like our organic IPA) and, as with all our mid-strength beers, it's vegan-friendly, so even more people can enjoy it.

Sunny - Citrus - Floral

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Although it may taste and look like a lager, kolsch is, in fact, a unique hybrid between an ale and a lager beer. Unlike a more traditional pilsner-style lager, kolsch is fermented at warmer temperatures with ale yeast, adding a touch of fruitiness on the palate.

After fermentation, a kolsch-style beer is conditioned at colder temperatures, which takes a few weeks for the flavours to settle out.

If you'd like to understand more about this subject, we recently published an article on the difference between ale and lager.


Small Beer Kolsch is very much the baby of our head brewer Ben March. Having championed this unique style of beer for some time now, Ben brewed the beer in May 2024, with help from Matt Gray, who documented the brewing process on his YouTube channel.

For this Small Batch brew, Ben hand-picked two German hop varieties for their elegant floral aromas and one of our favourite British hops for a refreshing bitterness.
The beer was then long-lagered for eight weeks in our Bermondsey brewery, which is what makes this beautiful beer taste so clean and crisp.

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