Crafted for beer lovers who want to strike the perfect balance.

"Small Beer hit a brewing bullseye."

"Drinking it is practically an ethical duty."

"One of favourite low-alcohol beers."

Small Beer is naturally lower in alcohol and calories. It's sustainably crafted below 2.8% ABV, so you can enjoy award-winning beer without any headaches.

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Juicy, citrus & blonde
From £14.25
Clean, crisp & floral
From £14.25
Juicy, tropical & hoppy
From £14.25

Punchy, bitter & bright
From £14.25

"For me, Small Beer is absolutely perfect. A lot of alcohol free beers don't quite hit the spot, so this is a perfect middle ground."

Simon M.

Small Beer revolutionised my drinking."
Stephen W.

"Great for weeknights when only a beer will do but you have to be up early the next day."

Bethany W.