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Our range of lower alcohol session beers includes five big-tasting styles expertly crafted below 2.8% ABV. Sustainably brewed in South London, our beers are naturally low in calories and sugars and all are vegan-friendly.

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Learn more about Small Beer and start living for the week

We brew our five classic beer styles in the sweet spot between 1% ABV and 2.8% ABV. Why? Because we're all about giving people a choice between 'drinking' and 'not drinking.' Whether it's your midweek staple or your Sunday saviour, Small Beer is truly a beer for every moment big or small.

Our session beers contain roughly half as much alcohol as most lagers and ales. To get a little more technical, our five classic beer styles, vary in strength from 1% ABV to 2.7% ABV. This means that in every 350ml bottle of Small Beer there is less than one UK unit of alcohol.

As we brew Small Beer at a lower ABV, all of our beers are naturally low in calories. Whereas a typical full-strength lager can contain up to 150 calories per bottle, a 350ml bottle of Small Beer Lager contains 77 per calories and a 330ml can of Lager contains just 73 calories. What's more, all of our beers are naturally low in carbs and sugars.

Yes! It makes us very happy to say that all Small Beer styles are fully vegan. We don't use any animal-derived ingredients in our beers like lactose or finings.

When we say that sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, we're not just talking about our beer. We power our brewery in South London with renewable energy, we only use recycled packaging, and we invented an innovative 'dry floor policy' that means we use far less water than most breweries. It's why we were so proud to become London's first B Corp™ Certified brewery.

Our full range of beers are available for delivery across the UK and the Channel Islands. Additionally, all of our Small Beer bottles can be delivered to Denmark, Ireland, Italy and Spain. For more information, read our Shipping Policy.