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Putting a Dampener on Dry January 2022

What does Dry January in 2022 look like?

As you may know, Dry January is a public health campaign designed to challenge drinkers to moderate their alcohol intake for the first month of the year. It’s popularity is growing and, we're very pleased to say, so too is our category of low and no alcohol or NOLO. With so many low alcohol beers now available, why not tackle Dry January 2022 differently?

"...balance shouldn’t have to be a question of living at the extremes of either ‘drinking’ or ‘not drinking’..."

A small approach to Dry January in 2022

At Small Beer, we couldn’t be bigger supporters of people looking to re-think what they drink, but we also like to see the bigger picture of what that can look like for Dry January 2022. For us, finding balance shouldn’t have to be a question of living at the extremes of either ‘drinking’ or ‘not drinking’, where abstaining for one month cancels out making conscious decisions for the remaining eleven of the year.

Instead, our range of five classic beer styles below 2.8% is designed to give you choice rather than an ultimatum of what moderating your alcohol intake entails. So, rather than go cold turkey for Dry January 2022 and return to your usual ways come the 1st of February, why not embrace something that lets you have your cake and eat it too? With Small Beer, you can seize social occasions, reward yourself at the end of the working day or simply make the most of a weekday lunch without holding back and without it sending you over the edge.

That’s why we exist…not only to help you through Dry January 2022, but to also make your life easier and taste better. Every day of the week, every week of the year.


(Especially during Dry January 2022!)

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