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Perfect for street parties and backyard BBQs, this is our biggest bundle yet, with two mini kegs of brewery-fresh beer, 24 mixed cans and an eco-friendly BBQ kit, curated by London Log Co.

Each bundle includes:

  • 1 x Session Pale 5L mini keg
  • 1 x Organic IPA 5L mini keg
  • 1 x Live Fire BBQ Kit from London Log Co, including UK applewood, biodynamic vinewood and eco firelighters
  • 8 x 330ml cans of Hazy IPA
  • 8 x 330ml cans of Lager
  • 8 x 330ml cans of Session Pale

This bumper-sized bundle will refresh your thirsty friends and take your live fire cookout to the next level. By reclaiming applewood and old biodynamic vinewood, the BBQ kit is a greener choice for your garden, making it the perfect pair for our sustainably brewed beer.

Lager: Water, malted barley, oats, hops and yeast
Hazy IPA: Water, malted barley, oats, wheat, hops and yeast
Organic IPA: Water, organic malted barley, organic oats, organic hops, yeast.
Session Pale: Water, malted barley,wheat, oats, hops and yeast
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"Small Beer hit a brewing bullseye."

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"Drinking it is practically an ethical duty."

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"One of our favourite low-alcohol beers."

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"A glorious lower-alcohol range."

Better You
Half of the alcohol & fewer calories

Better Brewing
Brewed to strength, no funny business

Better Planet
Sustainably crafted in our B Corp brewery

Why drink Small Beer?

  • You appreciate the flavour and fun of a perfectly brewed beer
  • You seek a sense of balance that supports your lifestyle
  • You are mindful of how alcohol impacts your health
  • You support independent brands that drive positive change

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