Live Fire BBQ & Mini Keg Kit

Bring the joy of beer on-draught to the comfort of your home, with an expertly curated, limited edition kit designed to take your live fire BBQ to the next level.

We've collaborated with our friends and neighbours London Log Co. who source and supply specialist charcoal and wood to fuel some of the finest grills in the country, including the likes of Brat, Hawksmoor, Lyle's and The Fat Duck. Much like ourselves, flavour and sustainability is at the heart of their business, which is why we're working with them to reuse materials from the drinks industry that would have otherwise been discarded. By reclaiming applewood and old biodynamic vinewood, this kit brings a new dimension of flavours to your home BBQ. 

Included in your BBQ kit: 

1 x 5L Mini Keg of Small Beer. 

Choose either the tropical stone fruit flavours of our Session Pale, the rich rye notes of our Steam or our all British sourced organic IPA. Each keg holds approx 9 pints of Small Beer.

2KG - Holmoak Charcoal. 

Premium long-burning, high-heat charcoal is produced in the traditional way, with little mechanical assistance. Made in Spain from Holmoak tree ‘prunings’ it’s pure single-species European hardwood. It burns long, with a very clean and pure aromatic profile.

Biodynamic vinewood. 

These are used as the seasoning to the BBQ kit, They burn hot and clean and impart a deep rich and vineous minerality to the aromatics of your dish. The old vines are a mix of Bio-Dynamic Loire Valley Grenache, Muscat, and Chenin that would otherwise have been discarded at the end of their life cycle. The harsh soil type produces strong and vigorous plants which produce wonderful aromatics to cook over. 

UK sourced Applewood. 

Fist sized chunks are made specially to be used for home grilling, they are perfect for blending with the french vinewood. This wood comes from the routine trimmings of UK cider orchards, it is aromatic, sweet with a sharp contrasting note when burnt

Eco firelighters. 

Handmade wax coated natural firelighters, odourless with a long burn time.


Also Included:

  • Tips on how to build and maintain the perfect fire from Mark Parr, London Log Co's Chief Axe.

  • A Spring recipe recommendation from our friend Ben Tish, previously Chef Director of The Salt Yard Group and now Chef Director of the Stafford London and Norma London.

  • 'How To' tutorial to ensure you get the most out of your Small Beer Mini Keg.


  • £37.00