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It was from the bustle of a Borough market stall that Felix earnt his foodie stripes. A journey that took him through delis to coffee roasteries, he not only honed his palate but also found his love for the food & drinks industry. However having written a dissertation on yeast culture, it wasn’t long before Felix was in the bottling labs of AB InBev. A move closer to home had him overseeing quality in London’s very own Fuller’s Brewery, before heading up operations at Sipsmith.

On moving into his home, his first stop was not the interiors (to his wife’s dismay!) but instead a sophisticated brewery set up in his back garden, as was his love for brewing, and his dream to one day open his own.

“I’ve been brewing for many years both professionally and as a hobby. It’s great that my job is also my passion!  We knew that starting Small Beer would require us to re-think the brewing process, and it’s been tough, we’ve learnt a lot. The outcome, a category defining beer that we can both be truly proud of”.

What am I doing when I’m not enjoying a Small Beer? Probably brewing it! Either that or chasing round after the two little ones at home.


With wine industry roots, James spent the early years of his career sharing the joys of Albariño and the complexities of Lebanese reds, little known at the time. This developed into a love affair with sherry, satisfied with an annual pilgrimage to Jerez. Then came eight glorious years at Sipsmith Gin, not only building a world class brand but a team to match.

Throughout though, there had always been a passion for beer. With a belief that there was space for innovation within the beer category it was time to start over and pursue a new vision.

 “We knew there was demand, because we ourselves were looking for it. We knew what we wanted to do, but the question was how to do it, we’d not come across beer like this before. Pilot brews, market research and the courage of our conviction, it was time to take the leap. We were after all looking at an entirely new way of thinking and drinking, but with the support and open minded nature of the trade and consumer, our thirst for innovation, and a commitment to brew only the very best tasting beer we set to work. How’s it tasting? Spectacular, but I’m probably a little biased!”

What am I doing when I’m not enjoying a Small Beer?  Unwinding with a little guitar, at a gig (most likely country music) and if I can combine those with a Small Beer then heck, that sounds pretty perfect!


We have many people to thank who have been such an enormous help and so generous with their time… to name but a few who have offered their expertise & guidance Jamie, Luce, TT, Zo, truly amazing! Thank you!