Dieline Awards 2019: First Place

“We developed a detailed hand illustration (based on Felix’s brewing hand) that stood out against clean, bold colours, type and lines. This brand is contemporary and premium but the hand balances this with a personal, craft feel that reflects the attention to detail and energy they put into their beer.”

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This Beer Is For People Who Don't Want To Get Too Drunk

“For some it's about lifestyle; busy with work, family, sport, they don't want to forego the social occasion of going out to enjoy great beer but nor do they want it to have a knock-on effect in other parts of their life. Some are simply more mindful of their consumption."

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“James and Felix are here to save you from both wasteful brewing practices and from crippling hangovers and for that they truly are heroes.”

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Small Beers clock in at half the calories of the regular stuff. Add in a sustainable practice, which has reduced water usage from 8-10 pints to produce a single pint of beer to 1.5 pints, and

…drinking its beer is practically an ethical duty.”

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“…all the flavour without the booze.”

The boom in low- and alcohol-free beer means you can now enjoy a daytime drink and not compromise on taste…

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Challenger to Watch 2019

“Sustainability and innovation has been baked into the company’s approach from the beginning – to conserve water it has reduced the number of pints of water needed to create a pint of beer from 10 to 1.5, operates a ‘dry floor’ policy (which means the brewery floor is not systematically hosed down), and all packaging is recycled and recyclable – and it looks great too.”

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Smash away and don’t spare the horses.

Small Beer Brew Co. is a new South London brewery specialising in low-alcohol beers that don’t skimp on taste. This lager is just 2.1% and it’s bloody delicious…

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Craft Beer of the Week

"As the evenings get longer and the days slowly brighter, Small Beer is a great choice to help stretch those evenings out. Given its low ABV of 2.1%, this refreshing Pilsner is surprisingly rich with subtle tropical notes and an ever so slight bitter finish on the palate. It’s even got half the calories of a traditional beer – what’s not to like?"

The best low-alcohol beers, tried and tested 

“A proper, full-bodied lager unlike many watery low-alcohol versions. With a touch of citrus, it's crisp and refreshing, making it ideal for a barbecue. 9/10

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"...bar manager of The Savoy's American Bar Declan McGurk said the project was ‘forward thinking’ and ‘could open an entirely new market of lower alcohol drinks that deliver

the same great flavour we would expect from their higher-strength cousins’..."

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Beer & Cidre Marketing Awards 2018

Winner: Best Innovation

Highly Commended: Best Branding / Design

“There is no better example of an industry celebrating all that is great about beer and cider.”

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