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A fortnightly comedy gig at the World's First Small Beer Brewery

Join us for our next show 15th May at 7:30pm


Get on stage in front of our colossal brewing kit, or sit back and enjoy the show.

We have an open mic style set of comics lined up each night, with an MC. Entry is FREE but donations will be collected to split between the performers. Our taproom bar will be open and serving our Original Small Beer, wine, soft drinks, and snacks.


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UPCOMING DATES: 15 May… 29 May…

DOORS 7:30PM / SHOW 8:00PM


The Small Beer Brewery

70-72 Verney Road, London SE16 3DH

Just one stop from London Bridge   |   Closest Stations: South Bermondsey, Surrey Quays, Queens Road Peckham


A Bringer is a guest that the comic brings who agrees to stay for the entire show. Due to the range of experiences from our comics, number of acts and applications of performers, we have decided it is in everyone’s best interest to enforce a bringer policy. We want to fill our space with great vibes and lots of laughs.

We ask that you bring at least one friend, family member or colleague to cheer you on and enjoy the show with you.

If you have already been booked in, the bringer policy stands on the night.
If you have already hosted this season, you can be your own Bringer
(just stay the duration of the show).

If you cannot find a guest to come along, let us know asap. If you really truly don’t have anyone to come and see you, and you’re desperate for 5 minutes, then just ask us nicely and we will see what we can do. Your stage time will not affect your percentage of the takings. 


Name *
What dates are you available? *
We secure comedian slots up to 2 weeks in advance

How many slots are there?

12 - sign up in advance! We usually have room for about 3 walk-ins.

Is there entry fee?

Nope, it’s free to come in for everyone

Does my material have to be clean?

These events are R18 so feel free to take your vulgarity to its limit, just don’t blame us for the response. Intolerant or hate speech will not be tolerated.

Can I make a mess?

Depends on what you want to do, best thing is to check with the Stage manager in advance to talk about your options. Safety of other performers and the flow of the evening are paramount, so you may need to leave the Talcum powder, Brown sauce or Honey at home.

What does the bar serve?

Our delicious beer that we brew in house, plus some juice and soft drinks. Learn more about our brewery here

How do the donations work?

The host will gently encourage donations. It is at the discretion of the audience whether they want to leave 50p or £5. All donations will be collected by the house by cash, totalled up, and distributed the following day. 

How will the takings be split?

Donations received will be split as follows:

Host: 25%, Other acts: 75%

How do you treat hecklers?

Audience interaction makes for a great show but behaviour which reduces the good vibes will not be tolerated. Frequent hecklers, or those spouting hate speech will be shunned and banished.

We want to create an environment within the venue where established comics can work on new material, and new comics can have a decent crowd. We hope those on stage have just has much fun as those laughing along.