Why Small Beer is the Best Office Beer to Enjoy at Work

Where and how we work has changed a lot, but with more of us returning to the office in some form or another, what awaits at the end of the commute has never mattered more.

When it comes to office perks, taking a moment to unwind with office beers alongside your colleagues or clients is a benefits that working from home isn’t able to offer. So far from the office beer being an afterthought, it’s never been more important to find something that caters to all of those occasions. Enter Small Beer, with our lower alcohol beer making the perfect office companion.

Why your office beer should be below 2.8% ABV

The body’s natural diuretic limit is around 3%, which means that any drinks that contain less than 3% alcohol by volume are more hydrating than dehydrating. So if you’re drinking one of our Small Beers (which are always below 2.8%) as your choice of office beer you are far more likely to be left with no hangover the following day - the ultimate perk when socialising in the middle of the working week.

Aside from it’s hydrating properties, the beauty of Small Beer lies in the fact that it still contains some alcohol content, giving you that gentle buzz associated with drinking. We’ve also reworked the brewing process to focus on flavour maximisation over alcohol creation. Through long lagering periods and the use of twice the typical amount of ingredients per percentage point brewed, we’re able to produce beer that’s full of flavour at our lower, office beer friendly strength. This means that you can enjoy an office beer during the day, or in the evening during the week, without it getting in the way of your tomorrow.

We have lower alcohol office beers to suit everyone’s taste

As the world’s first brewery to specialise in the sole production of lower alcohol beer, we have dedicated our expertise to creating five classic beer styles, catering to a multitude of tastes and preferences. Our range of lower alcohol beers make for the perfect line up of office beers, spanning from 1% - 2.7%, our ingredients are responsibly sourced and sustainably brewed, producing beers that are vegan friendly and most importantly, taste delicious.

The ultimate beer for your workplace

We believe that the future of drinking lies in lower alcohol beer, as it bridges the gap between the extremes of ‘drinking’ and ‘not drinking’. We don’t think that moderation should mean compromise, especially when it’s possible to enjoy the best office beer with no hangover in sight. So, as many of us adopt more of a ‘live for the week’ approach, an office beer below 2.8% means it’s never been a better time to work hard and play hard.

Save money with an office beer subscription

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out how Small Beer can become your office beer of choice. We have a simple subscription package in both bottle and keg format that you can amend or cancel at any time. We’ll deliver your office beer directly to your workplace, so you can enjoy our lower alcohol beers without the fuzziness. Contact us today.

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