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Naturally Gluten Free

Which Small Beer is Gluten Free?

Our 2.1% Lager is naturally gluten free!  As it happens, we didn't originally set out to make gluten free beer, but given a spate of requests last year we decided to have all four beers tested to find out where we stood. We have a retrospective system in place to test every batch of Lager we produce and so far all tests have come out negative for gluten.

What do you mean by "naturally" gluten free?

As far as we know, we are the only brewery to make a gluten free beer using barley and oats in an entirely natural manner without the use of extraneous enzymes. Our process has recently been recognised as a valid method by the FreeFrom Food Awards.

We use a traditional long lagering process at the brewery where our beer spends a minimum of seven weeks in fermentation. We were aware that this process had been shown to be an effective means of reducing gluten levels, but didn't realise quite how effective it would be in our case. We don't add any extraneous enzymes, in fact we can only speculate on the exact mechanism for gluten reduction during fermentation. What is clear is that our fermentation process leads to a significant reduction over longer periods, as we have now shown time and time again.


Yes! We use a UKAS accredited third party laboratory who use the Ridascreen R5-R7001 ELISA test. This assay determines the level of hordein (barley), gliadin (wheat) and secalin (rye) down to a detectable limit of 3ppm. All tests have returned negative for the Lager, meaning that gluten levels are undetectable even at these levels.

Is it cOeliac friendly?

In the UK, food and drink with levels below 20ppm can be labelled as gluten free. In fact all of our beers tested below this limit. The Lager was the only one which came back entirely negative and we decided not to label the others as such, as we felt it would be unfair to those who are sensitive below the 20ppm limit. We don't add the ppm (parts per million) on the label, but the tests have all returned negative meaning they're lower than the detectable limit of 3ppm.

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